Good or Bad for America?

Washington, DC - March 18, 2016 at the National Press Club

"America is a thing that you can move very easily..." Binyamin Netanyahu, 2001

Delinda Hanley & Grant F. Smith

“Closing remarks”

Delinda Hanley:  Thank you very much.  Well, Grant is going to come up here and speak.  But we did have a lot of major media who came to this event.  And this room has been bursting to the seams with proof that Americans want to hear these stories.  When you go back to your newsroom and write up your stories, please insist that your editors let you do your job.  Grant.

Grant Smith:  Thank you everybody for coming.  We have a special treat for you now.  Those red tickets in your badges, those are for a complimentary beverage which will be served over at the bar.  We encourage you to stay and mingle.  There's some incredibly important people out there who should have been up here.  Seek them out.  Talk to them.  The really important part of this conference is just about to begin.  We do want to remind you the transcripts, video, audio of all of these presentations will be available on that website, israelsinfluence.org.  Thank you so much for coming.

Delinda Hanley:  One more thing, I'd like to thank the Washington Report’s publisher, Andrew Kilgore, who has been sitting here, and his whole generation of leaders, Ralph Nader who was here, Harriet Fulbright who was here, John Mahoney, Gene Bird, and others in this room, and the many students who came.  They traveled to D.C. for this day.  Audience members, thank you.  Donors, exhibitors, and advertisers, we couldn't have had this remarkable day without your help.  Thank you.  Enjoy your drinks.  Bye.
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